Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

The great thing about GPS trackers is that, although they use sophisticated satellite technology, they are simple enough to use that even people without much technical background can figure out how to work them. These tracking devices are easy to set up and place in a car, in your child’s backpack or on your pet’s collar. Then you just use your computer or smartphone to monitor where they are.

The devices themselves are fairly easy to set up, and it should also be simple and intuitive to set up the software or web-based user interface to track on your computer or smartphone. If the device or the monitoring interface is complicated, that will make it harder to monitor and track your child, teen or runaway pet.
The features should include monitoring software for your computer and possibly a smartphone app, an intuitive interface and maps so the alerts show exactly where your loved one or pet has been, and it should be small and portable. The GPS trackers should also be able to alert you if the car is speeding. Battery life is important because there will be times when you may be monitoring for a large part of the day.
When it comes to tracking, you should be able to set up alerts telling you at designated time intervals the location of the GPS tracking device, which you can also view on a map. Details include the geographical location, the speed the device was travelling and the time of the recording. You should also be able to access the GPS tracker’s location history on a map. Some of the GPS tracker manufacturers may add in additional tracking features, such as geo-fencing, where you can set up a specific area in the software’s maps that will alert you if your child or teen travels outside that agreed-upon zone.
Some of the help and support options provided by GPS tracker manufacturers should include a user manual, a FAQs page and tutorials. There should also be direct contact options in case you need more help, such as by email or telephone. Most manufacturers provide email tech support at the very least.
With a GPS tracker, you’ll be able to ensure your teen is driving safely and in an agreed-upon area, or that your child isn’t wandering around after school when he or she should be home or at a friend’s. These tracking devices are easy to use, and you can access the location data from an internet-connected Mac or Windows PC, or from your smartphone.