Pedestrian Access Control

High security locales within airports, chemical plants, foreign embassies and even security camps, and since most recently even average security locales such as schools and universities have taken up pro-active action against security breaches.

ITS offers clients an extensive range of automated site-protection technologies, solutions that will secure not only buildings but site perimeters from unauthorized vehicles and/or individuals. Such systems can also be used at train/bus terminals, efficiently reducing ticket queues and extensive counter space.

Solutions in perimeter-securing include:

  • Vehicle barriers and road blocks
  • Speed gates and turnstiles
  • Automatic hinged gates and sliding gates
  • Acoustic fencing

Find a selection of strong, reliable and safe sliding gates that have been manufactured to the highest standards. Whatever your requirements, you can find manual security gates, automatic security gates and high security gates to suit your needs.

Increase security with our range of heavy duty rising bollards, rising arm barriers and height restrictor barriers that have been designed to control access to your premises with gate automation.

Stop them in their tracks with hydraulic road blockers and rising kerbs that can prevent unwanted vehicle access and deter intruders. With a variety of access control options available including, proximity card, radio, token, keypad and intercom; road blockers can be tailored to your premises.

For ease of vehicular access, we offer a range of swing gates that are ideal for high risk security sites. Choose from manual or electric security gates, ideal for warehouses, factories and military establishments.